Have an empty Apartment this summer?

Have you thought about what you will do with your place during the summer? Finding a sublet is difficult and time consuming. You can make more on Airbnb in Ann Arbor than any summer sublet. Sign up with us to put your apartment on Airbnb this summer. Ottopad takes care of the hassle.

Airbnb is ideal for students leaving for the summer. Easy and Simple.


Our properties in Ann Arbor, average a 75% occupancy rate! That’s because Ann Arbor is a destination for so many during the summer. Prospective students come to check out the campus. professors and student come to study. Ann Arbor is a young and vibrant city that brings travellers from around the world to the Airbnb properties we manage.


This 2 bedroom apartment averaged $1,982.23 per month last summer in Ann Arbor

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